Friday, February 11, 2011

$ Money 2 BURN? $

Karlee seems to think we have money to burn. This happened awhile back and I finally took it to the bank today to see if they could give me another one. I guess the bill doesn't have all the numbers on it :( .

Monday, February 7, 2011

Events of the week

~ Tea Party Incident ~

The girls where playing tea party the other day, all was fine then I heard Macy crying :'(

She walks in like this with her tongue out....her tongue was stuck in the lid of the tea pot. Sad but funny :) She flexed her tongue and it popped right off!
~ 1st Piggy Tail ~
Kennedy likes to sit in my salon chair just like the 2 other girls. She finally got her chance today to have her hair done. I know it isn't much hair but we will take what we get.
So Sweet!
~ 100 Days of School ~
Karlee had to come up with a 100 items to bring in for the 100th day of school project. Blake and her worked together and came up with 100 screws which they screwed into a pipe. Karlee decorated it very well.
I was invited to come and watch them present there projects. GREAT JOB KARLEE!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


You would think that this little yellow paint splat is no big deal right? Well,to 3 little girls it is a BIG DEAL!!!! They each want to stand or sit on it during Story Time. The Library has rotated the rug so the splat isn't right in front of the teacher anymore. But they still insist on sitting the Paint Splat.
Out of all the ABC's these 3 little girls want to stand or sit on THAT paint splat.
We have even tried to have them each sit on the letter of there name "K", "M" & "N". They are right in front of the teacher when they each sit on there own letter.

Here is a Picture of "K", and "M". "N" didn't want to be in the picture. They didn't fight over it today because "S" was sitting on it already.

Each week at the Library brings another Cute Moment to Blog about.

Somethings Missing...

She has been waiting for this day for a REALLY long time. Her tooth has been ready to come out for about 2 weeks so Blake finally used the paper towel trick and it came right out. Karlee didn't even know it had been pulled until Blake showed her. ( BIG SMILE) I asked her how much the Tooth Fairy is going to leave for her tonight and her response was $6 because she is 6. Sadly she only left $1 with a note. :) She was still very excited knowing that the T.F. had "payed" her a visit.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We are so proud of Karlee and her 2 special awards she received. One was for Math and the other was for Art! Her artwork was displayed at the District office for the month of Nov.. She is LOVING 1st Grade and we are so pleased to see her doing so well!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doctor & Durby

Doctor visits are never any fun :(. Most of the time we leave with someone crying. On this Doctor visit they got a total of 7 shots and 2 finger pokes and blood drawn. When I made the appointment the receptionist asked if I'd like to do them the same day...I thought that was a great idea instead of having to come back in a couple of weeks for another check up. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!! It was awful, I went alone so I had 2 VERY upset girls and they both wanted held and comforted at the same time. We made it trough it and we know now for next time to do 1 check-up at a time. Macy insisted we still go to the Library afterwards to.
2 shots, blood drawn :(
2 more shots
3 shots on legs and poke on the big toe :(
PINEWOOD DURBY!!! Blake made this hotwheels durby track to keep the little ones occupied. It worked like a CHARM :)
On your mark...get set...GO!!!!

Blake and Karlee's cars are racing in this picture. I think Blake's won. Karlee's is the purple one in the middle and Blake's is the black one on the right.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Haven't you HEARD??? It my 1st Birthday!!!!

There is no way I can get all of them to be happy all at once :(

I am pretty proud of this cake I made. But I am still not ever going to be a baker. I will stick to doing what I do BEST!!! We all know what that is RIGHT?!?!
She wanted to touch the candle not blow it out. OUCH!!

My 3 LADIES, the older 2 were very helpful with opening the presents for Baby Sister.

She picked out this push, jingling toy all by herself. She was VERY upset when we had to take it away to put her in her car seat!! But very happy when she got to play with it at home.

Gifts from the WONDERFUL Grandparents :) THANK U!


The end result, I was very glad it was daddy's night to give baths :) hahahahaha!!